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CAAs worldwide trust the quality of our question databases and use them for high stake examinations in the field of FCL, UAS, AME and CC.

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Flight Schools and Training Provider use our software solutions and study material to prepare their students for the final examinations.

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Cadet pilots, future engineers, remote pilots and others use our comprehensive learning solutions every year.

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Our products are used in over 40 countries worldwide.

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Training Material

Our high-quality range of aviation training courses has quickly established itself as the training standard among the best flight schools.

With our teaching materials, students will easily master every theory exam and be optimally prepared for practice. Students and pilots benefit from a uniform didactic concept, clear graphics and photos as well as numerous aids to quickly grasp the essential content. And: The contents are constantly updated!

We also offer flight schools, training institutions and theory instructors attractive offers such as PowerPoint slides for teaching.

Our training material currently covers the following licences:

Question Databases

Whether you are a student pilot preparing for the theory exam, a flight school searching for a pre-test solution or an aviation authority taking final exams – we have question banks for every application.

Our question databases are ideal for preparing for EASA-compliant examinations in the range PPL to ATPL. For exam preparation outside Europe, we offer ICAO-compliant training catalogues that will prepare you perfectly for the exam.

As an examination authority, we offer you ICAO- and EASA-compliant examination question catalogues that are up to date.

We currently provide question banks for the following licences:

Groundschool E-Learning

The AIRCADEMY Groundschool is the perfect e-learning platform for cadet pilots and flight schools to accompany theoretical training. Students can go in depth with the subject matter and prepare for the examination with training questions.

The learning platform enables flight schools to track the learning progress of students and support them until they are ready for exams. In-class interim tests help to identify learning gaps and final tests can be individually assigned to determine exam readiness.

The question databases are kept up to date and reflect the current version used by various European, African and Asian CAAs (EASA & ICAO compliant).

We currently provide question banks or content for the following licences:

PEXO Examination

With the PEXO platform, we can offer aviation authorities and flight schools one of the world’s leading examination systems.

It is used by regional and national aviation authorities for high-stake FCL, AMEL, CC, UAS and ATC examinations. For flight schools and training companies, it offers an optimized and real life simulation solution to conduct progress and final tests in accordance with the regulations.

The functions include candidate management, the creation and monitoring of exams worldwide, extensive evaluations and statistics, final certificates and PDF archiving.

The PEXO system is fully scalable and comes with various exam question databases:

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